October 2008

Worked out again tonight at Luba’s gym up in Boys Town (thanks again for the free pass!)  Love it!  Who knew how much a tv screen and cable built in to an eliptical machine could help your work out!?  As long as I have my CSI Miami, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing.  You go David Caruso, solve those crimes!

Well I must have been whipped after the workout and steamroom, because I accidentally got on the wrong train.  It was ok though, just had a bit more of a walk once I got off.  After I started walking I realized that I  haven’t been out much at night lately.  I was this summer, but it always stayed so light late at night!  (I love that!)  I forget how bright the city is at night, and how not-scary it actually is.  I snapped a few pics of some of the brightest signs lighting my walk home.

I’m off to Michigan tomorrow to see the fam and go to the MSU vs Ohio State game.  Can’t wait!  Go Spartans!


I can’t believe it’s Sunday already.  What a busy busy weekend, but so much fun.  I just got back from the marathon (no, I didn’t run) and am amazed by all of it.  Zach and I stood at the finish line for a good hour or so and it was awesome watching people in the last stretch.  Some of the runner’s legs were buckling under them literally feet away from the finish line.  It was pretty amazing seeing other runners come to each other’s aid and help carry them to the finish line.

This is the view from our apt.  I love how colorful the racers are.

I haven’t been to an amusement park in years.  Well I went to Six Flags on Friday with a couple girlfriends and was reminded why.  Those rides are barfalicious.  I am not a big fan of being whipped upside down or plummeting straight down 100 some feet.  I was pretty nauseous for a good portion of the night, but had a great time anyways.  Here are a couple pics.  First one is of Judy on the swings and the second is Luba and Kimber on the Elevator Drop. (that ride looked awful!)

So I’m not quite ready for the marathon yet, but I did run a 5k on Saturday.  There was such nice weather this weekend and it feels so good to get your day started like that.  I’m really enjoying running in races and am signing up for another one in two weeks.

After the 5k Zach and I headed over to the farmers market in Lincoln Park.  Such yummy veggies there, and I bought the biggest best apples I have ever seen.

Later I went to the MSU vs. Northwestern football game.  MSU 37, Northwestern 20.  Go Spartans! Can’t wait to head back to Michigan for next weekend’s game!

It was BEAUTIFUL out today!  I originally had a softball game tonight, but it was canceled due to the crummy weather we had yesterday.  I didn’t want to miss out on what could be one of the last warm days before winter so I took a very long walk home and took some pictures along the way.

Sometimes I get so irritated by the cars and honking (my pet peeve!) and the people, I forget to look around at some of the great things I get to see every day.

I was met by this lil guy as soon as I stepped outside my work.  Actually, he wasn’t so little.

I see these sculptures everyday on the way home from work but never pay much attention to them.  I suppose that’s what this art is trying to capture though, the shuffle and chaos of downtown?

I thought it was strange to see a big patch of mushrooms right off Michigan Ave, so I thought I’d take a picture…

The best part was walking down by the lake while the sun started to set.  For a few minutes the honking and the ambulances stopped and all I could hear was the chimes hanging from the boats in the harbor.  So pretty!  Here are a couple of the shots I took.  I had some very dirty shoes after walking near those geese.

I like the moon in this one.  Like a little golf ball.

First post just to get this going…..  Here’s to learning how to blog!