November 2008

It’s Friday night in Chicago and it’s way too cold for me to be wandering about!  So instead I opted for a low key night at home on my own.  I have the top 40 cranked on the radio (which I appreciate much more now that I don’t have a car!) a bottle of wine, my mom’s recipe for quiche – so good! – rosemary red potatoes, and my slippers that I’ve been waiting to get into all day!  I could really use a new pair  – please refer to photo #3 :-/.  Hope you have a great weekend – and don’t forget to cheer on Michigan State tomorrow!





It’s almost Thanksgiving and we’re still playing softball……..yep, outdoors.  Brrrr.  But it was all worth it to get those bright white long sleeve glorious tshirts that declare ‘Champions’ across the front last night!  It’s been 7 straight months of playing, and I’m a little bummed it’s over, but pretty glad I’m not going to have to pitch in the snow.  We’ve played all over the city now – China Town, Cabrini Green (where groups of people literally walk through the field like we’re not even playing) Wrigleyville, and West Loop.  I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on cabs (just for the cold games, c’mon, you would too)  but I have gotten much more familiar with the city and met a lot of great people!  I would definitely recommend getting on a sports team to anyone living in the city, or anywhere for that matter – doesn’t matter if it’s volleyball, bowling, or even cornhole.  It’s an awesome way to get out of the house and meet new people!

Go, team, go!  Woot woot!




I can officially sew!  Well, kinda.  I decided to take a 4 hour sewing class in Bucktown this weekend, and am so glad I did!  There were only three of us in the class, which made it easy to get personal instruction.  The other two were a mother/daughter pair, and I think they both really enjoyed it as well.  For our Sewing 101 project we made a great little 16 inch pillow with a zipper on it.  I made a green pillow, because if I could, I’d have just about everything green (I even painted my room lime green in college) and I think it looks pretty great with our couch.

If you could learn a new craft/hobby, what would it be?  I’m hoping to take a few more of these classes and learn how to make purses/totebags.  And coming up in January, I’m hoping to get into a metalsmithing class so I can start making jewelry!



FYI – the place I took the class at is The Needle Shop.  Hope you had a great weekend!

I was feeling a little touristy today, and decided to take a trip down to the Aquarium.  Well, holy moly, everyone else and their cousin decided to do the same thing today.  I could not believe the line at that place!  I was a bit disappointed, but luckily it’s right next to the Field Museum, so all was not lost.

Now the Field Museum is not my favorite museum here in Chicago, but it was still fun and has enough exhibits to keep you wandering for hours.  The weather exhibit was pretty interesting, but the dinosaur exhibit was my favorite.

Of all the big tourist spots/museums here, which is your favorite? I love Navy Pier because of the beautiful views, but I also think the Aquarium is pretty cool.  😦  Maybe another weekend.





Where did fall go?  It went by so fast this year!  There are so many things I love about the season, I was very sad to see the first snow fall this weekend.   I love the beautiful changing colors, the smell of the leaves and the cooler air, football jerseys everywhere, honeycrisp apples and apple cider, and of course Halloween.  I was going back through some of the pictures I’ve taken in the last month and thought I’d post a few of the ones I like.  apples



I thought I’d stick one up from Halloween as well.  If you can’t tell, I’m Beaker from the Muppets!


This post is a little late, but I still wanted to put up my pictures of the Obama rally in Grant Park from earlier this week.  What an amazing night!!  I am a huge Obama supporter and am very optimistic about the years to come.  I felt so proud knowing he is our next President and that I helped elect him.  Voting has such a gratifying feeling and I encourage everyone to get more politically involved!

There was so much energy in the park that night.  People of all ages and race – each with their own reasons as to why this meant so much to them.  It was neat to see all the kids there with their parents, high-fiving and running around.  I can still remember being very excited to ‘vote’ for my very first time in my 5th grade class.  I think this will be a little more memorable for them though.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of the night.  My camera is not very good with night time photos, so they are kinda crumby quality, but at least I got a few!



Michigan Ave was shut down all the way to the Wrigley Building.  It was pretty crazy to see the people flooding the streets at the end of the rally.



Enjoy your day!!