January 2009

My Friday night was spent getting a much needed haircut.  Sadly, my trips to the salon have pretty much become biannual out of pure laziness.  The salon I go to, however, is the best!  If you’re in the market for a cut or color, it’s called Flair on Halsted & Wellington.  The ladies there are great, they give you a glass of wine, and this little guy sits on your lap to keep you company.


I also think it’s a little crazy that my stylist’s name is one letter off from mine.  Stylist = Michelle Briggs from MI, Me = Michelle Griggs from MI. Wierd!


Another metalsmithing class today.  This week we were focusing on texturing.  Next week is soldering.  Can’t wait!!

Here are some matching pendants I made today.  Eventually we will learn how to apply a solution that will fill in where I’ve hammered with black.


I also cut these tiny pieces out to practice soldering on.  Hopefully I can make them into a pair of earrings.


Are you working on anything crafty this week?

I love to cook…unfortunately, there is not much I know how to make.  After a couple years of only feeding yourself, you get very good at making sandwiches,  pouring milk onto cereal, and heating up mac and cheese.  So over the last year, I’ve taken a liking to ‘dinner parties’ where I can get a little practice in.  We’ve thrown quite a few now, and they’ve been a blast.  We usually pick a theme and everybody contributes a dish.  Last week – Mexican night.  My friend Luba and I did the cooking and everything turned out delish!  I ended up making an Enchilada Ring, which is pretty simple to make.  Thanks for the inspiration Aunt Tracy! If anybody has any easy recipes, they’d be greatly appreciated!!


It’s snowing like crazy today and it looks beautiful coming down, but I decided to enjoy it from indoors because I don’t do well in the cold.  Instead, I’ve been watching movies and working on finishing my first piece of jewelry.  So here is the finished product.  I filed both sides of each piece to give it a rough look.


I never noticed how much sun damage I have on my chest! Eww!

I started Intro to Metalsmithing today.  It’s a ten week course at Lil Street Art Center – a three hour class, once a week.  This is the coolest place and they offer all sorts of classes.  I’ve been wanting to take this class forever!  So day 1 we got a description and intro to all the tools we’ll be using and we also began to saw.  The first item we’re making is a pin made out of layers of metal.  We didn’t really take time to plan anything out, just sorta started sawing.  So this is what I came up with.  It’s a branch/log with a bird and wing.  It’s pretty rough right now, but next week we will be sanding/buffing and texturing.


I found a necklace at a Wicker Park boutique the other day that I LOVED.  However, it’ was almost $200, which was a ridiculous price for it.  It consisted of a very thin chain and three tiny circles hanging from it.  One was silver, one copper, and one gold.  Well I started to try to make it today by cutting out three little circles from scrap metal.  It’s brass, not gold, but that’s just fine by me.  I’m hoping to clean these up next week so I can string them on a chain, or maybe make them a little smaller.  If you have any ideas for jewelry or any requests, let me know!!

Here are some pictures from my trip to the San Diego Zoo.  I think they give these animals Red Bull in the morning because they were all going crazy playing and jumping around.  It was fun to watch.

This guy came running by me which is why his head is missing. I liked how it was an action shot though. 🙂









After a fun couple of days in Hastings over Christmas, it only took me four airports and twelve hours of travel to make it to the great state of California.  I had a full week in Cali to explore and relax, and had a great time doing so.  Temps weren’t quite as high as I would have liked – upper 50’s – but it was MUCH nicer there than it was in Chicago/Michigan – so no complaints.   I ended up spending about 4 days in Fresno (in the city for 2, and up the mountain for the other 2), New Years in Santa Barbara (great shopping!) with friends Judy and Marcus, and a few extra days in San Diego, which I loved!! Here are a couple collages of picture from each city.  I think I’ll post my San Diego Zoo pictures tomorrow!  Hope everyone had a great holiday and a good first, or second, day back at work!  Happy New Year!




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