May 2010

…but until I’m ready to move out of downtown, my parent’s will suffice. It was so beautiful this weekend – lots of sun this afternoon mixed with a little bit of warm rain. We all went out back to enjoy a little spring weather, even vampire cat Larry, whom I was promptly greeted by this weekend with a locked kitty jaw on my hand. That cat seems so so lovey, until all at once – ATTACK! Evil cat… 


Back in the mitten state for the weekend and thoroughly enjoying it. Warm weather and sunshine, plenty of green everywhere – a nice change of pace. I spent the morning watching my dad coach the Hastings varsity softball team  at a tournament in Allendale. Not their best games, but still looking good! Makes me miss playing. The slow pitch beer leagues I’m on now just don’t quite have the same pace. So nice to spend a sunny afternoon outside with the family.  Shortly after, however, we snuck in a little mall time which was sorely needed. My credit card is still weeping. It’s ok little guy, we have lots of nice (and much needed, I tell myself) things now!