Transported from the city of Hastings, MI, a town of about 6,000, I’m now a twenty something gal living in the heart of downtown Chicago just trying to enjoy the wonders of this uber cool city and not get swept away by how fast everything moves here.

I live in the West Town neighborhood which I LOVE! I work in marketing for a large construction firm located on the south side.  My job is great, but the sometimes long hours can bring out the laziness in me once I get home.  I’m hoping that by starting this blog it will get me motivated to write a little more, take more pictures, think about the little things that make me happy every day, and hopefully just spark some creativity.


One Response to “About”

  1. Nanny and Uncle Steve Says:

    Mom (Nanny) and I just finished reading through your entire blog at Turning Brook, the place Nanny is living these days. We are SO impressed by your blog. You are such a good writer and photographer. It sounds like you are squeezing as much fun and learning out of Chicago, as you possibly can. I’m going to show Nanny how she can access the computer they have here so she can keep up on your adventures. Best wishes for a great year. – Steve, Nanny

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