Located at Ashland & Erie – Duks is like magic in your mouth. I have never tasted bacon so delish, and they pile it sky high on your burger. The bacon cheeseburger and pizza puffs are so awesome, but, warning, a food coma is imminent.


I love to cook…unfortunately, there is not much I know how to make.  After a couple years of only feeding yourself, you get very good at making sandwiches,  pouring milk onto cereal, and heating up mac and cheese.  So over the last year, I’ve taken a liking to ‘dinner parties’ where I can get a little practice in.  We’ve thrown quite a few now, and they’ve been a blast.  We usually pick a theme and everybody contributes a dish.  Last week – Mexican night.  My friend Luba and I did the cooking and everything turned out delish!  I ended up making an Enchilada Ring, which is pretty simple to make.  Thanks for the inspiration Aunt Tracy! If anybody has any easy recipes, they’d be greatly appreciated!!


Hooray!  My own first full size Christmas tree!  If you notice, the lights are spaced out perfectly even throughout the tree………because it came that way.  And if I push a little button on the the bottom, I can make it rotate!  I only have decorations for the front half, so it will probably just stay stationary this year.  Maybe next! Thanks again for the great stockings Aunt Chris!


Zach put the finishing touches on the tree by adding 2 year old candycanes.  I thought it looked pretty nice.  I wonder if you can still eat those?  I’ll let someone else test that out.


To explain the other half of this post’s title – I found out first hand that it’s freakin’ slippery out!  Sidewalks, streets, pretty much everything, has a thin layer of ice.  Like a millimeter of ice – you can hardly tell it’s there.  Which is why I wasn’t being very cautious while crossing the street this morning.  I live a block off Michigan Ave, so there’s quite a bit of car traffic and people traffic in the morning.  Like usual, I needed to hustle my bum off to make it to the bus, so I ignored that blinking red hand, put a little hop in my step and tried to quickly make it across the street.  Wham bam, I’m sprawled out in the middle of the street.  Scraped up knee, embarrassment setting in, but not a drop of coffee spilled – heck yeah.

Now this was not my first rodeo.  I started to think about some of my better falls and came up with my top three on the way to work.

1.  About three weeks ago we were having our usual Wednesday free lunch at work.  It was a nice little deal – salad, pasta salad, and about 10 different pizzas – I tried about 5, and loaded up on the extras.  The cafeteria is on the 3rd floor, my cube is on the 4th.  I thought I’d get some work done while I ate so I headed upstairs.  There are a bunch of tables all around the stairs – all full of course.  I got to the VERY LAST STEP.  My size 10’s got stuck on the step, I went down, food went down – nobody even offered to help.  I think everyone was so embarrassed for me they thought it’d be better to pretend they didn’t see me.  Needless to say I loaded up another plate and gave it another go.  A girl’s gotta eat.

2. I was walking along outside with a friend in high school.  He already thought I was a huge klutz, so this was no big surprise to him.  I was a step or so behind him and thought I’d give him a little tripski.  So I swing my foot out to catch his heel when he took a step.  Never even touched him.  He looks back about 3 seconds later to see what I’m doing. Face planted.  Served me right.

3.  Wendy’s came out with some ridiculous new sandwich.  Extra patties, extra cheese, extra bacon.  I was excited.  I think I was actually jogging to the front door, I just had a little detour while getting to it.  Face down by the curb in front of the drive through line.  I no longer get so excited about trans fat.

Hope you are having a great week!  And watch out for that ice!

It’s Friday night in Chicago and it’s way too cold for me to be wandering about!  So instead I opted for a low key night at home on my own.  I have the top 40 cranked on the radio (which I appreciate much more now that I don’t have a car!) a bottle of wine, my mom’s recipe for quiche – so good! – rosemary red potatoes, and my slippers that I’ve been waiting to get into all day!  I could really use a new pair  – please refer to photo #3 :-/.  Hope you have a great weekend – and don’t forget to cheer on Michigan State tomorrow!