It was BEAUTIFUL out today!  I originally had a softball game tonight, but it was canceled due to the crummy weather we had yesterday.  I didn’t want to miss out on what could be one of the last warm days before winter so I took a very long walk home and took some pictures along the way.

Sometimes I get so irritated by the cars and honking (my pet peeve!) and the people, I forget to look around at some of the great things I get to see every day.

I was met by this lil guy as soon as I stepped outside my work.  Actually, he wasn’t so little.

I see these sculptures everyday on the way home from work but never pay much attention to them.  I suppose that’s what this art is trying to capture though, the shuffle and chaos of downtown?

I thought it was strange to see a big patch of mushrooms right off Michigan Ave, so I thought I’d take a picture…

The best part was walking down by the lake while the sun started to set.  For a few minutes the honking and the ambulances stopped and all I could hear was the chimes hanging from the boats in the harbor.  So pretty!  Here are a couple of the shots I took.  I had some very dirty shoes after walking near those geese.

I like the moon in this one.  Like a little golf ball.