Boy, oh boy, do I love these boots. I found them at DSW last week and have not been able to take them off! I get so excited when I come across such a great find. Unfortunately, I’m like a little kid and think I need to wear such find every single day. I’m just getting over a two and a half month black Jones New York zip up sweater addiction. I figured wearing it to work 4 out of 5 days every week was starting to get noticeable. Anywho, wanted to post a picture because they put me in a good mood every time I put them on. 🙂


Located at Ashland & Erie – Duks is like magic in your mouth. I have never tasted bacon so delish, and they pile it sky high on your burger. The bacon cheeseburger and pizza puffs are so awesome, but, warning, a food coma is imminent.

I just finished my second class at Lil Street Art Center – which is one of the coolest places in Chicago.  We learned how to carve and mold wax, all the steps of making a mold and were able to cast our own pieces.  The actual casting kind of scared the crap out of me because of the giant flame you are using (I am not good with fire), not to mention shooting liquid hot metal into your spinning mold.   But I’mvery glad I did it myself!  I’m so excited about the rings I made.  They are actually pieces I like and wear every day – unlike most of the stuff I made in my first class – oh well, it was my first time. 

silver rings

After a couple month hiatus from the blog due to just plain being busy, I’m looking forward to taking some time to get out around the city and take some more pictures of all the great things going on.  Have a great day!!

Just got back from a long wonderful weekend in Oak Island, NC.  Nine of us girls packed into a cute little beach house right on the ocean and couldn’t have had a better time – or better weather.  We had nothing planned, no sites to see, etc.  Just completely relaxed, hanging out on the beach enjoying some girl time.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been somewhere like that where there are no big hotels and busy streets lining the beach.  It was nice!  And very inexpensive.  At only $66 per girl for the entire weekend in the house, it couldn’t be beat.  (I wonder what the cockroaches were being charged – yeah, there were a few – oh well.) Here are a few of my favorite pics of the weekend.  How was your Memorial Day weekend?




I learned the coolest, most pointless trick today!  You can add bacon to any website!  Why would you want to do this?  Because bacon makes everything better.  For example, click Here to see my college website with some pig fat laying across it, or perhaps the News would be a little more pleasant with some tasty protein draped across it.  All you have to do is type and then add the full website right after it (including the http://www).   I think I should add this to our website link at the bottom of our work emails.  🙂

Woohoo, the day everyone in the class was waiting for – ring day!  Man, I love this class!



Here’s the ‘rough draft’ of a keychain(?) I’m making.  I’m really not sure what i’m going to do with it, but thought it was kinda cute.


Here is the work station we anneal and solder at.  I’m amazed I haven’t caught my hair or clothes on fire yet.  I did catch some napkins on fire the other day, but luckily put it out before anyone saw.


The only bad part of this class…I have to wait outside in the cold for the el.  Then I have to transfer to the red line and wait outside in the cold.  Then when I get off the el I have to walk in the cold 4 blocks home.  Ahhh I am so ready for spring!!  I’m ‘this close’ to buying those glasses with the built in lights to treat seasonal affective disorder.

Have you seen the preview yet for the Watchmen movie?  I love comic book movies – Batman, Spiderman, Sin City, 300 – so I’m pretty excited for it.  In fact, I already have my ticket to see it in the Navy Pier IMAX theater March 6th,  the weekend it comes out.  Dorky? Well kinda.  But we have a pretty big group going now, so it should be a pretty good time.  I picked up the book the other weekend, not really registering that it is in comic book form (duh!) and I couldn’t put it down!  I think I’m going to pick up Swamp Thing next….  I have a pretty wide range in taste when it comes to books.  Just don’t give me anything sad!  Have you read anything good lately?  Any suggestions?